New York Fries

New York Fries is a privately owned, Canadian franchise founded by Jay Gould, president, and his brother Hal. Born in London, Ontario and raised in Brantford, the entrepreneurial brothers had partnered together to create the popular Cultures chain.

In 1983, while on a trip to New York City, the Gould's stopped into the South Street Seaport to search out "the best french fries" which they had learned of in a New York Times restaurant review. What they found was nothing short of amazing. Fresh, hot french Fries flying across the counter being received by a line up of anxious customers. These were no ordinary french fries. No mashed up re-constituted french fry wannabe's - New York Fries were fresh cut, made from real potatoes and served in generous portions, hot and crisp.


In the minds of the Gould brothers, this was an opportunity that couldn't be resisted. They bought the company to bring these slender pieces of golden goodness to the rest of the world and show them what a real french fry tastes like. The Gould brothers ended their trip to New York City by suggesting to the Mayor that the Statue of Liberty would look a lot better holding a cup of New York Fries. The Mayor never returned their call!